VicTrack Asset Marker Bollard-White


90x2000mm VicTrack Asset Marker Bollard

  • Painted White
  • Dimensions: 90mm diameter x 2000mm tall
  • Weight: 25kg

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VicTrack Asset Marker Bollards

Safety done right

  • Securely installed in-ground in concrete, asphalt, soil or ballasts
  • Absorbs impact energy from high-risk crashes
  • Protects railway lines, signalling stations and cables
  • Manufactured to V-Line and Metro Rail specifications

Made in Australia

Going the extra mile to protect Australian railways

Our VicTrack Asset Marker Bollard is manufactured from galvanised steel and has an anti-corrosive exterior. It is securely installed in the ground to give the best possible protection from high impact crashes.

Stock is always available and turnaround times are incredibly fast.

Ensuring railway safety with our VicTrack Asset Marker Bollard.

Safe railways with Calx Group.

There’s no room for error in railway signalling. Even a minor mistake could lead to tragic, irreversible consequences. VicTrack Asset Marker Bollards are designed to protect railway signals, lines, switches and crossings. Railway safety is a top priority for us. That’s why we invest heavily in our own research and development to produce the safest bollards available for this vital public service.

Strong highly visible VicTrack Asset Marker Bollards, protecting electrical infrastructure

We are committed to providing secure solutions for Australian railways. Our VicTrack Asset Marker Bollards are installed alongside railway tracks to safeguard railway boxes containing fibre optic cables, electrical cables, and other signalling circuitry. They effectively protect important infrastructures such as interlocks, automatic detection & protection systems, and operational control systems.

No more intrusions, no more collisions

The VicTrack Asset Marker Bollards are fixed in place and can be filled with concrete. Their strength and stability are unparalleled. They are painted white to make them highly visible to V-Line and Metro Rail standards. By absorbing collision energy, they protect equipment from damage. In addition, they also deter site workers and pedestrians from intruding into unauthorised areas alongside railway lines.

Weight20 kg
Dimensions160 × 9 × 9 cm