Red Hardwoord Timber Wheel Stop



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Timber wheel stops are a variation of the traditional wheel stop design that incorporates the use of Queensland red hardwood sleepers instead of concrete or rubber modules. This design is becoming increasingly popular due to its green appeal and environmental advantages. The use of natural and biodegradable materials like red hardwood helps to reduce carbon emissions and conserve non-renewable resources in the production of parking lot fixtures.


A timber wheel stop typically has a rectangular shape, with three supports and is slightly raised above ground level. These supports are used to hold the red hardwood sleeper in place, and the raised area provides the necessary space to stop a vehicle’s wheels from rolling past the boundary of a parking space. One of the benefits of a timber wheel stop is that it provides increased safety for pedestrians and parked vehicles.


The natural look of the red hardwood sleepers creates an aesthetically pleasing view while also helping to prevent accidental collisions and parking-related mishaps. Our timber wheel stops are coated in a water based sealant therefore adding extra life to the hardwood in the outdoor elements. The wheel stops come with 4 specially design fixing points which are recessed into the timber and also come with black round caps to cover the fixings the weather and other elements.


– 1800mm x 200mm wide x 100mm high
– 4 x 16mm  fixing points with plastic caps
– Queensland red hardwood
– Timber is sealed with a timber water repellent
– 3 x 23mm packers situated underneath so timber is not sitting directly on the ground absorbing the groundwater.
– 15 year structural warranty**


**Please note that being outside in the elements all timber eventually will start to fade and break down. This can be avoided with regular maintenance on timber wheel stops**