Stair Nosing-412 Series

$102.81 (inc. GST)

Stepmaster 412 Series CODE SMn412 BASE MATERIAL Alloy: 6060,

Temper: T5 FINISH Clear Anodised – 25Um Black Anodised – 40Um TREAD WIDTH 63mm TREAD THICKNESS 4.8mm Front Depth 10mm INSERT TYPE Carborundum tape – Heavy Duty,

External Grade PRODUCT WARRANTY 2 Years ( standard warranty conditions)


Ordering Info / Guide

  • Prices are per metre
  • Please allow 2-3 days from order date
  • Pre-drilled counter sunk holes are included
  • Stair Nosing measurements must be priced and provided in mm for accuracy

Please refer to the Stair Nosing Buying Guide below to ensure we get the order right

Prices are based on PER METRE

Rounding Up/Down

As this Stair Nosing comes in 3.6m lengths the price is based on a metre charge.

E.g. if you have 6 Stairs and would like to install stair nosing and each step is 900mm long

650mm x 6 = 3900mm = 3.9 Metres

The chargeable rate would be 4 metres as it is rounded up or down to the next metre therefore you would add 4 to the cart for 4 metres

Have i confused you ? More examples below

7 Steps and each step is 840mm wide

840mm x 7 = 5880mm = 6 metres

The chargeable rate would be 6 metres as it is rounded up to the nearest metre there you would add 4 to the cart for 4 metres

Weight5 kg
Dimensions100 × 7 × 10 cm