Pet Poles

$1,094.50 (inc. GST)


Many people choose to walk down to the shops with their pets and they are wanting to leave their pets in a place that is visible and close to the shop or cafe and the only place they can tie their pet up is either a chair, sign or what ever structure they can find.

Pet Pole is a high quality, stainless steel pole with a spring- loaded latch at the top that is compatible with all types of pet leashes. The raised latch allows for the leash to lift up and away from the dog, minimising the chance of entanglement, and the ease clip on / clip off familiar latch style allows for quick and easy use by both adults and children. The high attachment point also allows the dog to move freely around the pole, but as most of the leash length is taken up vertically, the dog has less room to venture away rom the pole, allowing people to safely walk by.

Pet owners will instantly appreciate just how important the Pet Pole is in ensuring a safe place for everyone to leave their pets.