Gas Meter Bollard 114mm x 1300mm – Yellow

$154.00 (inc. GST)

114x1300mm Gas Meter Powder Coated Bollard

  • Includes Knock-on Cap
  • Powder-coated Safety Yellow
  • Dimensions: 114mm diameter x 1300mm tall (800mm above ground)
  • Weight: 12kg

We recommend checking with your gas provider prior to Installation as their specifications may vary.


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Gas Meter Powder Coated Bollards

Safety and Security at its best

  • Maintain safety around gas meters and other similar equipment
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial properties
  • Takes up a minimal amount of space and remains sturdy
  • It provides secure lateral protection

Made in Australia

Fully compliant with Australian Gas Meter Bollard regulations

These cost-effective Australian-made bollard barriers are designed to prevent high-risk collisions from damaging gas meters, pressure regulators, and similar equipment.

Our top-of-the-range Gas Meter Bollards are in stock at all times

Calx Group’s  Gas Meter Bollards are designed to protect.

Safety at its best with our superior quality Powder Coated Gas Meter Bollards

It is absolutely vital to protect gas meters and pressure regulators in commercial and residential areas. We live in a world where vehicular incursions and collisions are commonplace. So providing peace of mind around gas meters and pressure valves is paramount. We manufacture our top-of-the-line Gas Meter Bollards to provide a physical and highly visible barrier around your sensitive equipment to ensure safety at all times.

Safety indoors is dead serious

And solving it is dead easy! Due to the movement of delivery carts and forklifts, collisions in busy indoor areas such as warehouses and retail environments are quite common. Due to the robust strength of the bollards, such sudden collisions can be effectively absorbed. This prevents damage to the gas meters, regulators, heating systems, and other critical equipment in the area.

Safe outdoors

In the outdoors, our sturdy Gas Meter Bollards can provide secure lateral protection to gas meters and other similar equipment which are typically installed in building corners. The bollards restrict unauthorised access to such high-risk equipment and ensure no compromises are made on safety. They also have high visibility, thanks to their yellow coloured powder-coating, which drivers and pedestrians can even see from a distance. Additionally, their clean and attractive look adds curb appeal to your environment.

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions130 × 11 × 11 cm