Bollard Cap 140mm

$17.05 (inc. GST)

140x40mm Galvanised Round End Bollard Cap

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel
  • Dimensions: 140mm diameter x 40mm tall
  • Weight: 1kg
SKU: BC140

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Bollard Cap

Ideal for bollards that need to be concrete filled

  • Knock on Bollard Cap to top off your bollard
  • Suitable for bollards measuring 140mm in diameter

Made in Australia

Cap off your bollards securely

Our heavy-duty Bollard Cap protects bollards from dirt, moisture and vermin. Being galvanised it is corrosion resistant too.

Our high-quality Galvanised Bollard Covers are always in stock

Protect your bollards with our rustproof bollard covers.

Avoid the need to cone your bollards with our Bollard Cap

Save time and effort by choosing a bollard cap over coning. it is incredibly easy to install – just a few solid taps and it is riveted on for good. These hot-dipped galvanized steel caps do not rust and are maintenance-free.

The Calx Group Bollard Cap saves you time and effort

The best part of using pressed metal bollard covers is that you don’t need to spend unnecessary extra time coning off your bollards. By using these bollard lids, they look far more stylish. In addition, you can paint or powder coat them in any colour to match the rest of the bollard.

Protect your investment

Our bollard covers are the best way to protect your bollards from dirt, moisture, rodents and pests. They help prevent your bollards from rusting internally.

Range of colours and sizes

The Calx group galvanised steel caps are available in various sizes to fit bollards measuring from 80mm to 165mm in diameter. They can also be powder-coated or painted in any colour to match the colour of the bollard.

Why Choose Calx Group ?

Weight1 kg
Dimensions14 × 14 × 4 cm