Bike Path Removable Bollard

$324.50 (inc. GST)


Bike path bollards are installed on path ways to prevent vehicles entering and driving down pathways illegally. The bollards are fitted with class 1 reflective tape to insure clear visibility to all pedestrians and cyclist.

Because of the number of pedestrians and cyclists that use bike paths, you need security measures that maintain their safety. Bike path bollards  are ideal when you want to mark and secure the entrances to a bike path, providing heavy duty security while standing and allowing vehicles through when lowered. Bike path bollards are designed to be highly resistant to impact and corrosion, ensuring lasting strength and visibility that everyone on your trail can depend on.

Bollards sometimes are ‘lesser evil’ – a necessity to prevent cars from making the cycle path completely unusable by unauthorised parking or driving; this is especially true in case of cycle highways, where cycle paths are wide enough to comfortably drive a car.

Bollards can improve the readability e.g. of a crossing solution by clearly separating different directions.

The bollards are 140mm in diameter and are 1600mm long or we can customise anysize you need as the Bollards are all Australian Made.

Weight25 kg
Dimensions165 × 15 × 15 cm