Asphalt Anchor Screw 300mm

$14.30 (inc. GST)

12x300mm Asphalt Anchor Screw

  • 12mm thick
  • 19mm socket head
  • 300mm long

Sold as an individual piece


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Calx Group’s ORIGINAL
Asphalt Anchor Screw

Don’t settle for zinc replicas!

Calx Group’s heavy duty 300mm Asphalt Anchor Screw is the perfect solution to providing more strength, security and stability for your wheel stop installation.

Designed in Australia

The World’s FIRST Heavy-Duty 300mm Asphalt Anchor Screw

This screw is made from a unique metal blend that is galvanised to prevent corrosion.

Easy to install, easy to remove

Designed to keep your wheel stops firmly fixed on an asphalt surface.

Make your wheel stops stronger

Our Asphalt Anchor Screws are double the standard 150mm length, and are specially designed to simplify and strengthen wheel stop installation in asphalt.

Once installed you’ll find that the wheel stops can withstand the roughest and toughest collisions, yet stay stable. Unlike standard gravel spikes, you can simply unscrew and reuse these anchors if ever you need to remove the wheel stop. Our innovative anchors perform better than competing brands that have tried to replicate our screws. Even though these screws are meant to install wheel stops, they are also very useful for other applications that need fastening to asphalt or gravel.

Secure your wheel stop with our durable Asphalt Anchor Screw

Our one-of-a-kind 300mm Asphalt Anchor Screw is used to securely fix a wheel stop onto an asphalt surface with the use of a hammer drill and an impact wrench. Simply drill a pilot hole, then use the impact wrench to screw into the asphalt.


Why Choose Calx Group?

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 1 × 1 cm