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Truck wheel stops are one of the most effective solutions to a multitude of problems that drivers face while trying to park safely and effectively in commercial parking lots with limited spaces. Parking stops are traffic control devices that can be used to create a vehicle parking boundary. When a vehicle is notified in this way, drivers can park their vehicles appropriately with the help of Truck wheel stops, avoiding crashes.

These also help to reduce curb overhang where it is unpleasant or dangerous to pedestrians and prevent encroachment into an opposing truck parking spot. This is why you may have spotted wheel stops in a variety of locations, including apartment parking spaces, school parking lots, hospital buildings, and shopping mall parking lots. The use of a wheel stopper for trucks will benefit any place with a big number of cars or trucks to park.

The Wheel Stop Co’s truck wheel stops are composed of recycled rubber and are designed to support the weight of bigger vehicles such as vans and trucks for extended time The truck enforcer, like the automobile wheel stop, is a one-piece design that allows the wheel stop to be fitted by one person without the use of heavy machinery.
Wheel Stoppers for Trucks at the Wheel Stop Co?
The Wheel Stop Co’s wheel stoppers for trucks are consistent with current Australian Standards for physical dimensions in Australia. These truck wheel stops are resistant to UV, moisture, oil, and extreme temperature variations, and have a solid moulded construction with solid black and yellow stripes. In varied weather situations, they will not chip, deform, dissolve, or corrode. They are UV, moisture, oil, and extreme temperature fluctuations resistant, making them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor parking.
We Design, Manufacture, Distribute, Transport, and Install
Our Bollards and wheel stops, which are designed and manufactured in Australia, have come a long way from the simple rigid post structure of the past. They are suitable for a wide range of locations, applications, and duty types in all Australian circumstances. Wheel stops are the greatest option if you are seeking the most cost-effective safety solution. The bollards may be easily unlocked and removed. You can also customize the appearance to your liking. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require bollards, wheel stops, speed humps, bike racks, or line marking.