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Traditional asphalt or concrete speed humps are less effective than speed humps in Australia. These are also known as traffic calming devices which were manufactured by Calx Group. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and each module can support up to 20 tons of weight. Speed Humps in Australia are an excellent choice for vehicle parks in shopping malls, athletic venues, and service stations where traffic speeds must be reduced to avoid accidents. Calx Group’s Safety Speed Humps slow down traffic to improve safety.

Our Speed Humps are stabilised, robust, and flexible polyethylene thermoplastic. They protect vehicles ranging from sedans to 4WDs to trucks and buses against minor damage. Our Speed Humps are 50mm tall, effectively slowing vehicles for pedestrian and traffic safety while avoiding damage to a vehicle’s suspension.
Speed Humps in Melbourne
Calx Group’s Safety Speed Humps have a non-slip surface and are designed to be as quiet as possible.

Calx Group offers high-visibility safety speed humps in Melbourne with either black or yellow rounded caps to prevent trip hazards. This colour scheme assists drivers in manoeuvring their vehicles safely and attentively.  While our speed humps are very visible during the day, it is also important that they be highly visible at night.

Our Safety Speed Humps are a great way to reduce crashes and improve pedestrian safety. They help in reducing the number of vehicles that exceed permissible speed limits in a passive manner.

Applications of Speed Humps

Speed humps contribute to the prevention of sleepy driving-related personal injury accidents.
It helps in the prevention of accidents when placed in front of road construction and maintenance locations
When approaching quarantine sites, the driver and vehicles are required to slow down.
Vehicles entering and exiting temporary lane control lanes.

What distinguishes Calx Group from others?

Our extensive experience allows us to continue to innovate and create safety items that meet the changing needs of the road safety industry while also ensuring that they fulfil Australian standards for durability and statutory requirements. Calx Group Company establishes itself as a leader in the industry’s future growth possibilities.

The Calx Group team takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and specializes in fast delivery, with products being dispatched across Australia regularly. Please contact us right away!