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  • Shared Zone Disabled Parking Bollard In Ground 140mm x 1600mm

  • Shared Zone Disabled Parking Bollard Surface Mount 140mm x 1300mm High

  • Flexible Yellow Bollards - The Wheel Stop Co

    Flexible Bollard 90mm x 1000mm Surface Mount

  • Flexible Yellow Bollards - The Wheel Stop Co

    Flexible Bollard 140mm x 1300mm Surface Mount

Disabled parking bollards from Calx are intended to fulfill Australian bollard regulations, with a height of 1.3m for drivers to see from both front and rear-view windows or mirrors. Our Disabled Parking Bollards are intended to assist drivers and passengers in locating them at parking spots as well as to deter unauthorised cars from parking there. Parking bollards are required for any parking place, but you must also accommodate disabled drivers and passengers.

Why Choose Calx Disable Parking Bollards?
Calx Disabled Parking Bollards are made of high-quality steel and are designed to keep vehicles from driving over the edge of an elevated platform. They are also installed to keep vehicles away from shopping centre pathways, through storefront windows, or over the deck of a multi-story parking garage. For increased visibility, all of our Disabled Parking Bollards have a reflective ring at the top.

When it comes to shared common spaces between bays, our Disabled Parking Bollards conform with Australian Standard AS2890.6 as a preventative measure. These spaces are necessary for vehicles with side access to allow wheelchairs and other mobility aids to enter and exit, and they are usually guarded by a bollard. Calx Disabled Parking Bollards are made to the proper height and include a 250x250mm industrial bolt-down base plate with four mounting holes for added strength and weight.

A Disabled Parking Bollard placed at the perimeter of a handicap bay will deter other vehicles from parking. This will be too close to the handicapped bay, as well as fortify the area if the bollard is hit by a vehicle. When safety is a top priority for vulnerable individuals, The Wheel Stop Co Disabled Parking Bollards are an excellent preventative precaution that provides peace of mind.

Benefits of using Disable Parking Bollards?
The Disabled Parking bollard is useful for directing drivers to the proper parking spaces. Because of the retro-reflective surface, the sign can be read well in the poor light of the parking lot, ensuring that critical information is always available. Calx is a leading manufacturer of high-quality safety bollards, and we have the knowledge and experience to match your needs to the right bollard. Surface Mount Bollards, Removable Bollards, In-Ground Bollards, and Flexible Bollards are all available from Calx and may be delivered anywhere in Australia.