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With our UV-resistant durable rubber car wheel stops, you can prevent vehicles from damaging sidewalks or landscaping. As well as they protect drivers from hitting car park concrete barriers. Because of their lightweight composite rubber composition, The Wheel Stop Co’s Safety Wheel Stops are the ideal low impact resistance alternative to costly and heavy concrete wheel stops. They are resistant to oil and moisture, making them durable enough to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Mark each parking bay with a high-visibility black and yellow Wheel Stop to protect both automobiles and property. The Wheel Stop Co’s safety car wheel stops are handy undercover and used in multi-level & outdoor public car parks. They are helped as indicators to drivers to be aware of the correct position for parking. Install a long-lasting rubber Wheel Stop from The Wheel Stop Co’s Safety to prevent vehicles from overshooting their front border in a parking place, hitting pedestrians, or parking on bike routes.
Concrete Wheel Stops in Melbourne

All of our Concrete Wheel Stops in Melbourne are precast and manufactured to Australian standards, ensuring that you receive a product that is not only of the finest quality but also compliant with all Australian regulations.

The Concrete Wheel Stops from Wheel Stop Co have been built to withstand the harsh Australian weather.



The Wheel Stop Co’s concrete wheel stops stand out in the car spaces to ensure that vehicles using them safely come to a stop. They come with the correct stated distance to curbs, walls, other vehicles, flower beds, and pedestrians since Carpark and Facility Safety is our priority.