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Calx specialises in offering bollards and excellent service with high-quality goods. As a top bollard provider, we provide Australian bollards with a wide range of delivery options and same-day dispatch. We are dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers and ensuring that their purchase goes as smoothly as possible. Our company makes excellent quality goods built from the best materials by focusing solely on bollards.

We believe the most significant aspect of our business is offering security help. Both indoors and out, safety bollards in Melbourne are frequently employed to protect personnel from potential mishaps. Bollards are most typically utilised in vehicle parks and gas stations in the event of an emergency. Adding an extra layer of security to commercial buildings can save thousands of dollars in damage that would have occurred if the bollards had not been installed.

We guarantee the lowest bollard prices and that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. You can compare and buy bollards from the convenience of your own home or office with Bollards.

Our bollards are thoroughly hot dipped and galvanized to provide the maximum corrosive resistance possible, ensuring that our goods safeguard the public. As a result, our bollards are built with a solid foundation, which we then powder coat with a high-performance dry powder that adds a layer of protection against cracks, peeling, and harsh weather.

We promote our bestselling highly visible safety yellow bollards for usage in public spaces to boost driver awareness and offer physical barriers for both persons and property.

If you are looking for Australian bollards, give us a call or visit our website page for more information. Our clients throughout the country benefit from Calx’s complete line of Bollards, Car Park Protection, and Facility Safety products. Professional product expertise and client service are backed up by our products.